Fix: The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error 2022

Fix: The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error Xbox 2022

“The person who bought this needs to sign in.” If you see this message, it means that someone who gets trouble when logging in. In this article, Dreamcheeky will find out the causes as well as solutions to this issue. Let’s dive in.

The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error Meaning

Many errors are indicators that something is wrong. However, others can be a sign that nothing is wrong. The latter is true in the case of “The person who bought this needs to sign in“.

Most errors have one of these codes.

  • 0x87de2729
  • 0x803f9006

It happens only in digital games, and users do not share it.

The console could not verify content access permissions. You, the user, are asked to sign in to the person who purchased the game. It is not very clear if you are that person.

The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error Causes

We were able to identify the root cause of the error using user reports and common fixes.

Your Xbox Console is not your main console: The Xbox could lose track of which console you are using, even if you have multiple consoles. Your console is not your “Home” device, so you will need to log in again.

  • You may also see an error in-game sharing if your license holder account is not set as “Home”.

Xbox Live Services Down: Xbox servers could be down for an error or service interruption.

The Game Server is Down: A similar situation may occur for a specific game.

Dashboard Glitch: This error may be caused by random dashboard glitches or errors.

Network issue: Finally, an error could occur if the connection is not stable. The problem may be solved by setting a static IP or a public DNS.

How to Fix the Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Xbox Error

These solutions work with any Xbox One or Series console. We start with the most obvious answer. We’ll then move on to less-common solutions.

Try each of our solutions until you find one that suits your needs.

To get rid of any permission bugs, reboot your console before continuing.

Set Your Xbox to Home for Your Account

Set Your Xbox to Home for Your Account

Microsoft should know which console you are using to play on your Account.

Also, you need to choose a Home Xbox. This will allow any account to play and use content purchased. This includes apps, Xbox games, and a Game Pass subscription.

The Home Xbox is now more compatible with offline gaming. This means that other accounts can also play the games, even if your Account is not active or connected to the internet.

Here are the steps to make your Home console.

  • Register with your Xbox account
  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to the General tab
  • Click on Personalization in the right-side panel.
  • Select My Home Xbox
  • Select “Make this my home Xbox

Keep in mind that the “Home” account is now the “License-holder”, meaning that other Xbox accounts can also play the games purchased by the Home account.

Log In Again To Your Account

Log in again to your Account

Next, re-log your account. This can be used to remove random account bugs that prevent normal functions.

Here are the steps to re-log your Xbox console.

  • The Xbox button on the controller can be pressed.
  • Go to Profile and System
  • Click “A” to sing out under your profile name.
  • To return to the original spot, press the Xbox button.
  • Click on Sing Back into your Xbox account.

Remove Your Xbox Account

Next, delete your account from the console. Then add it back.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Select “Remove accounts.”

Remove Your Xbox Account

  • Choose your Account
  • Click on “Remove” to confirm

After that, you can add the Account back:

  • Use the Xbox button on your controller to activate it.
  • Click the tab to your right and select Add new.
  • To create an account, enter your credentials.

Add Static IP and Public DNS to Xbox

To resolve the problem, we can improve the stability of your Xbox’s internet connection.

Unlike other devices ‘ dynamic IP addresses, a static IP address won’t change. The router assigns an IP address to each device that calls your router. A static address is, however, more stable and permanent.

Google and other companies offer public DNS services. These addresses are available to all users worldwide to improve their home connections.

Your Xbox could be experiencing an unstable connection if you have a broadband speed of less than 6MB or too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

This issue affects Xbox Party Chat, streaming, downloading, and account error features.

Here are the steps to add a public DNS address and a static IP on your Xbox.

  • Use the Xbox button on your controller to activate it.
  • Go to Profile and System
  • Choose Settings
  • Navigate to the General tab
  • Select Network Settings from the right panel

Network Settings

  • On the right-hand panel, go to Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

  • Note the following information: Subnet mask, Gateway, IP Address.
  • Go to IP settings on your left side.

Add Static IP

  • Select Manual
  • Enter the IP address you have written down and add 50 to 100 to the end. If the IP address is, then the static version should be at

Public DNS to Xbox

  • Enter and type the Subnet Mask number that you have written down.
  • Enter and type the Gateway number that you have written down.
  • You can go back to DNS settings.

DNS Settings

  • You can add a public DNS. Google’s (Primary and Cloudflare (Primary. are the best choices.
  • Return to the Network menu
  • Check your network connection.

Power Cycling Console and Restarting Router

A physical power cycle and restart of the router is another option that could resolve the “Person brought this needs to log in” error. This will fix two main culprits for this issue: a temporary glitch and a network problem.

Here’s how it works:

  • Hold the Xbox button (in front of your console) for at least 10 seconds. The safest way to ensure safety is to hold the button down until the LED stops flashing.
  • After the console has been turned off completely, you can turn your attention toward your router. Press the restart button or the Power On twice if you have one. You can also physically disconnect the power cable from the router and wait for a few seconds.
  • Not to be confused with the Restart button, The Reset button will reset your network credentials, and any user preferences will be restored to default.
  • After the router has been rebooted, you can turn your console on again by pressing the X button.
  • After the startup sequence is completed, open the game to see if it is fixed.

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Check the Xbox Live Servers’ Status

Sometimes the problem could be on the other side of your wire. Xbox Live servers can sometimes experience outages and are not always perfect. If this happens, you have no choice but to wait for Microsoft’s help.

It is essential to acknowledge that this error is beyond your control. The Xbox Status webpage can help you check the status of your Xbox Live server. An Xbox Status webpage will display a red indicator next to Account & Profile or Store & Subscription. This could indicate that an issue is occurring on Xbox’s end.


When starting a game, the last thing anyone wants to happen is for an error to appear. When the error has no evident reason, it can be doubly aggravating. Fortunately, you now have a number of options for dealing with this problem, and if one doesn’t work, the others will.

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