Things to do in lockdown: How to fix broken makeup

Things to do in lockdown: How to fix broken makeup

Dream Cheeky will help you know How To Fix A Broken Powder 2022: Top Full Guide

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Everyone’s sorting out their closets, rearranging their makeup cases, and rejigging their priorities. And some are indulging in a bit of DIY and being resourceful. This week, it’s learning about how to fix broken makeup.

Each of us has one precious makeup item shattered into a million pieces, which is awaiting redemption in our makeup bags. It could be a crumpled compact, an eyeshadow palette that lost out on one shimmery shade, a fine lipstick that broke at the tip (mine was a Dior lipstick that my daughter crushed with the cap, out of sheer boredom), and that smudged blush/highlighter. All these have been such favourites that repairing them or fixing them is the only way to attain nirvana.

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It’s never about replacing them (which can be done in most cases) but about being mindful and resourceful. You’ll be happy to know that broken makeup doesn’t mean it’s useless. It can be easily brought back to life, with a sleight of hand, some good household products, and some easy techniques. And not just us, a lot of make-up artists and store owners use these tricks. Here is a little guide to help you mend your broken makeup in minutes.

Fix: Powder makeup

The easiest ones to break down are the powder formulations. Face powders, shadow palettes blushes, and highlighters tend to break due to weather, pick-ups, and transport. Here are a few ways to fix powder makeup.


Take a small bowl and place all the powder in the bowl by scraping off every last bit. Use the flat side of the spoon and crush all the chunks to make it one bowl of smooth powder. Add a few drops of water and mix it. Press it back into the existing or a new container with a spoon and press it well. So how does one do that? Use a paper towel and place it on top of the powder, apply a bit of pressure, so all the loose granules stick together. Now all you need to do is to clean out the excess, and the product is as good as new.

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This one’s pretty simple. When it comes to using powder makeup, one can easily use the makeup as is. It’s just not in a compact form, but it can still be used in a granulated form. So break the powder into even size granules and transfer them into a new container. Dip in your beauty blender or brush to use it.


Another interesting way to fix broken makeup is by using alcohol. Take a ziplock bag and pour your broken makeup into it. Take a few spoons of rubbing alcohol and pour it into the powder and mix them well and use a spoon to place the powder back into the container. It sticks, and it hardens to reveal a new product altogether.

Fix: Broken lipstick

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Take a paper and lay down the broken lipstick along with the cover. Take a lighter and hold it about 2 inches away from the bottom of the broken-off piece. It will take a few seconds to warm up, and the ends melt slightly. Now, all you need to do is to reattach the broken piece to the base in a quick, swift move and let it stay for a bit before you let go. Once it attaches itself, wait for 60 seconds and twist it down and pop it into the fridge. After two hours, a brand new lipstick to try.


This is to create a new product out of a crushed lipstick. Scope out all the crushed product from the lipstick tube and mush it up in a small bowl. You can even add two lipsticks up together or add a lip-balm or old vaseline to make it vibrant. Place a spoon over the stove or using a lighter, melt it to make a paste. Pour it into a new container and let it harden. Bam, it’s a new lip balm, and you can also use it as a blush..

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