Time to fix it: Squishy

Time to fix it: Squishy

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Happy Saturday, my pumpkins! 🧡

Hope everyone had a great week! I have some nice news to share and some squishies to fix!

First, I would like to share that I have been offered a job! I am so happy they decided to hire me, I can’t wait to start! ✨ I know things are difficult for everyone at the moment, so I would like to offer everyone my best positive energy to all of you and may you all receive good news soon! 💕

So, the squishy! If you are not familiar with them, they are pieces of foam shaped into different animals or objects and really they were made for stress or anxiety relief. They are like those hard stress relief balls, but better and cuter.

Anyway, I have had this purple panda squishy for a while and since I got it I felt that his design could have been better. Then after a while he began to tear apart and that made me really sad because his level of squishiness is phenomenal.

collagemaker 20200718 095307879
My panda was in bad shape, but that just means he did his job well!

So, as if by manifestation, the Youtube introduced me to Moriah Elizabeth. She is a young artist on the Youtube and the video recommendation was for her squishy makeover series. And the rest is history, I was so happy that fixing squishies was possible and I could not wait to try it! It took me maybe 2 years to do so, but still inspired me to be more artistic and just try new things.

If you would like to try it yourself, or just watch her do it, I highly recommend you watch her videos because she is also really funny! But anyway, here is my attempt at fixing my panda squishy.

All you need is a squishy, fabric paint and sandpaper! And Moriah’s video on the background to guide you!

I only had those 3 colours because those were the ones I used for painting the roses for my wedding! So… well those were what I had to work with. I knew I wanted it to be mainly white like a normal panda, so at least I had white paint ready.

But first things first. The very first thing I did was to cut the seams around it because they were quite visible. Next was sanding the squishy to give it some texture. Having it sanded helps the paint to stick better to the foam.

collagemaker 20200718 095451632
It looks ugly now, but it’s all part of the process to make it better!

After sanding it carefully, I took one of the non-white paints and used it to “glue” his paws and ears to the rest of the body. I didn’t use glue because I did not have the right one (fabric glue), but also I have seen Moriah use the paint itself to glue small parts together, and since they were all small I thought this was the best approach.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t use a paint brush to apply this first layer, so when it dried it had little bumps. I used popsicle sticks for the pink paint. But later, for the white paint layer I used a brush and it looked 100 times better and quite smooth.

Before squishiness test and after the squishiness test!

One thing I had to do was to poke some holes with a thin needle so the air pockets it formed with the paint could deflate. Doing this did affect its squishiness level a bit, but it is still low rising and that’s what I wanted.

Moriah likes to transform her animal squishies into food animals and I absolutely love that, it is really cute! But for my panda I was not sure that was what I wanted, so I decided to keep it simple.

collagemaker 20200718 095907433
Chocolate panda?

I am not going too crazy with the food+animal combination, but as I was painting the brown on the panda and I had some pink leftover paint (from the ear) I decided to go for a Neapolitan ice cream theme!

It takes quite long for the paint to dry, but it is worth the wait. I am using paint brush and a metal-ball-pointy tool (I don’t know the name for it lol) for more precise work.

What do you think?! 😊

That’s it for today, pumpkins! 🧡 I hope you enjoyed the Neapolitan panda (neapanditan?) as much as I did! It was a little complicated with the painting and drying but it was so fun at the same time! See you soon, stay safe! 🌷