Why Do Xbox Controllers Use Batteries 2022

Why Do Xbox Controllers Use Batteries 2022?

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As console gaming has become increasingly popular, many people have wondered why Xbox controllers still use batteries. The simple answer is that it provides power to the controller and allows it to function correctly. However, there are a few other reasons Why do Xbox controllers use batteries.

Why Do Xbox Controllers Use Batteries?

Why Do Xbox Controllers still Use Batteries?

It’s been three system generations since PlayStation ditched replaceable AA batteries in their controllers, and the PS3 controller ditched battery-powered wireless controllers in favor of a rechargeable variant. Despite this, Xbox has continued to use batteries in their next-generation Series X controllers, a decision that has been questioned by many.

The Xbox controllers have always come with a set of AA Duracell batteries. Unlike PlayStation controllers, Xbox controllers require the separate purchase of a rechargeable battery kit. According to Jason Ronald, Xbox’s partner director of program management, this was done on purpose because “it boils down to is when actually talking to players, it’s sort of polarizing and there is a strong group that really wants AAs.”

So simply allowing for flexibility is the best approach to gratify both parties. You can use rechargeable battery kits that function similarly to the Elite, but it’s a different device. He went on to say that the split between players who wanted rechargeable batteries and those who wished to AA cells is around 50/50.

Microsoft recently offered a statement on the matter to MCV/Develop, reiterating many of Ronald’s older claims:

We intentionally offer consumers choice in their battery solutions for our standard Xbox Wireless Controllers. This includes the use of AA batteries from any brand, the Xbox Rechargeable Battery, charging solutions from our partners, or a USB-C cable, which can power the controller when plugged into the console or PC.

According to Ronald, the usage of batteries provides for a longer controller shelf life because batteries can be easily replaced. In contrast, internal cell units, such as those present in the DualShock 4 on PS4, eventually wear out, forcing gamers to purchase a new controller.

Longer Shelf Life for the Xbox Series X Controller?

replacing batteries for the Xbox Series X Controller

All of this was in response to a remark made by the Marketing Manager Luke Anderson of Duracell UK. He claimed that the main reason for Xbox’s decision to sell controllers with batteries rather than built-in batteries like its competitors was because of its partnership with Duracell.

OEM will supply the Xbox consoles battery as well as the controllers battery under the terms of the agreement. Duracell and Microsoft have a long-standing cooperation in place. It should continue for a while longer, “In an interview with Stealth Optional, Anderson stated.

As ridiculous as it seems, Anderson’s notion makes sense because Microsoft and Duracell have a relationship in place, with Duracell frequently tweeting about using its batteries in Xbox Controllers. Duracell also introduced a deal in 2020 that gave consumers of their extra-powerful Duracell Optimum battery a two-week trial of the Xbox Game Pass.

The intricacies of this contract are still unknown. However, Microsoft has continuously disputed that they sell controllers with AA batteries as part of this deal instead of doing so to provide consumers a choice, which seems sensible.

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Why Do I Charge My Xbox Controller With AA Batteries?

Why Do I Charge My Xbox Controller With AA Batteries?

Personally, I support this decision and primarily use AA batteries to power my Xbox controller. The rechargeable batteries are used just after I’m done switching their position to get the most juice out of them.

Microsoft’s official Play and Charge kit are available for purchase online in India. Still, various third-party options include a docking station, ensuring that your controller is fully charged every time you start gaming. You can also buy a rechargeable battery pack and a charger and charge the batteries overnight.

We’ve seen many third-party peripherals address the issue of console controller battery backup. Small power banks that connect to the DualShock 4 controller and add a few hours of battery life have been sighted.

If you have an Xbox controller and run out of AA batteries in the middle of the night, here’s what you should do. Simply remove the batteries from the controller’s case and connect them to a power bank using a USB cord. You can play games as long as the power bank is charged. Although not the most elegant solution, it gets the job done.

To put the new console controllers in perspective, the DualSense controller that comes with the PS5 has a battery life of roughly 10 to 15 hours depending on use, while the Xbox Series X/S controller may last up to 30 hours with a pair of good quality batteries.

In other gaming news, Sony’s PlayStation 5 finally launched in India last week, and it’s hard to find one at any of the major online or offline outlets now that it’s available. Presently, there is no word on when the PlayStation 5 will be restocked, but you can keep track of everything here. You can also read our Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 reviews, as well as a comparison of the two platforms.

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