Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off 2022

Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off 2022?

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Why does my Xbox keep turning off? There could be any number of reasons why your Xbox keeps turning off, but some are more common than others. In this article, Dreamcheeky will explore some of the most likely reasons your Xbox is shutting down, and offer some solutions to help you get back to gaming.

Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off

Overheating is the main reason for the “Xbox shuts down randomly” problem. The problem can also be caused by other factors. These are the possible causes of your gaming console going down.

Poor Ventilation Can Lead To Excessive Heat

This gaming console will radiate heat under normal operating conditions. Although the unit is equipped with all necessary mechanisms to remove heat, it should be placed in a well-ventilated area. An internal fan may have been damaged, leading to the system overheating.

Overheating can also be caused by dust buildup on the console’s air vents and other parts. You should be notified on your console if there is excessive heat. This message will be sent every time the console overheats.

It is best to keep the console out of reach, such as in a TV cabinet.

Cable Issues Or Bad Power Outlet

Cable Issues Or Power Outlet

If the Xbox console isn’t getting enough power, it can shut down. This is usually caused by a problem with the power cord or outlet socket. Check that your console receives the correct amount of power if it keeps shutting down.

You should inspect the power cord carefully for signs of damage. Replace the damaged cable and verify that the problem is fixed. Also, check that the console and outlet socket connectors are not loose.

You should plug the Xbox One console directly into a wall outlet if you’re using adapters or extensions.

Incorrect Configured Console Settings

Your gaming console could also restart in distinctive ways if it is not configured correctly. First, turn off the console to check if this is the problem. After it starts, navigate to Xbox Live‘s home screen and click on the Settings bar.

Next, open the ‘Power & Startup” options to check if the device has been set up to shut down at this time automatically. You can also open the Turn Off option to verify that the device is set to shut down automatically at that time.

Both cases allow you to change the time you want the console to turn off or back on. This is explained in detail later in this guide.

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Power Supply Issues

Although the Xbox One consoles have been proven reliable and durable, the Power Supply Unit can occasionally fail. The console might shut down suddenly if this happens. You can resolve this issue by resetting the bad Power Supply unit of your console, as described later in this guide.

Other Causes

Unpowered or defective controller: To check if your controller is not suitable for service, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on. If this fails, you can press the power button on your console. If the one that works is faulty, it means that the controller has a problem with its mechanical components or needs to be replaced.

Standby state: Your internal power supply can also be set to standby if the voltage exceeds the limit. Before the device can turn on again, it must be reset.

Power Strip Problems: In the event of an overload or short circuit, a power strip will interrupt the flow of electricity. These power strips include circuit breakers to ensure that your devices are safe. You should check if the fuse is blown if you use one.

  • This will protect your electronics from any damage. You can plug in other electronic devices to the strip to fix this problem quickly. The outlet may not be able to deliver power anymore if they don’t turn on.

Does Xbox One Shut Off by Itself After Inactivity?

Sometimes, not always. Check the settings if the Xbox One shuts off automatically after a time of inactivity. This could be caused by auto-shutdown. This should not happen if your setting is off.

How to Fix the Xbox One Shuts Off Problem Automatically

How to fix Xbox one turns itself off

There are many possible solutions to the Xbox One randomly turning off issues depending on the cause.

Method 1: Install The Latest Updates

Although it is rare, the Xbox One console shuts down unexpectedly if corrupted or obsolete software. Before proceeding with any of the solutions in this guide, ensure that you have the most recent updates. You should update your software if you don’t have the latest updates.

To display the main menu, press the Xbox button on the controller. Navigate to Settings from this menu and select the “All Settings” option. Select System and then click on Updates. Set the “Keep my console current” option in the Console section.

Select the “Keep my apps & games up to date” option in the games and apps section drop-down menu. This configuration tells the console that it will update both the console software and the games and apps whenever an update becomes available.

Manually updating the Xbox One Software.

You can also manually download and install updates to your console. Connect the console to the internet, and then press the Xbox button. The guide will appear. Next, navigate to Settings > All settings in the guide menu.

Next, select the System option from the “All Settings” guide. Navigate to Updates > Update console. Follow the prompts on your screen to download and install Xbox One console software.

Method 2: Ensure Proper Ventilation

Improve Ventilation Around the Console

Overheating is the leading cause of the “Xbox One randomly switches off” issue, according to thousands of users. You can check for overheating if yours turns off suddenly. The Xbox One consoles later than the Xbox One will notify you if the motherboard is overheating.

If this happens, you’ll see a message on your display indicating that ventilation is being cut to the console. Even if this notification was missed, you should still check that the console is not too hot to touch. If it is, turn it off immediately. Allow the console to cool off for about an hour.

After the console has cooled, place it in a ventilated area. Although it might be tempting to put the console in a cabinet, it is not recommended. Instead, you should place the console in an open area with plenty of space around the vents. Turn the console on again to verify that the problem is solved.

Method 3: Re-Configure Your Console Settings

You may know that the Xbox One can be set to start and shut down at certain times. Many users have reported this as the reason for the Xbox One randomly shutting down. To be specific, you can check to make sure this is not the issue in your case.

Turn the console back on if it goes off suddenly. Then, press the Xbox button on the controller. Navigate to System > Settings > Energy from the guide menu. From the Power Settings menu, select “Turn off/restart“.

Now you can set the time that your console will shut down automatically without your intervention. After that, reboot the console to verify that the Xbox One is not randomly turning off.

Method 4: Reset Your Power Supply

Xbox One power brick has an LED indicator light at the front, regardless of their model. This indicator light will let you know if the unit is receiving electricity. It should glow white when the console turns on and turn solid orange when it turns off. The power supply is in good condition if the light remains solidly white or orange.

The power supply may be malfunction if the light doesn’t glow or flicker. This should be reported immediately. The simplest way to resolve such an issue is by long resetting the power supply on your Xbox One console. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Check the power cord connection first. Next, turn the console on again to check if the lights are on.
  • Step 2: To reset the device, you will need to disconnect the power cord from its back. Next, press and hold for at least 10 seconds the Power button.
  • Step 3: After about 10 seconds, release power and allow the console to remain disconnected for 10 seconds.
  • Step 4: Reconnect the power cord and then press the Power button to turn the console back on.

The power supply of your Xbox One console must be replaced if the LED light continues to flicker or remains on after the above procedure. The warranty covers the power supply so that the warranty may cover the replacement of this unit.

Method 5: Clear the Persistent Storage

Clear the Persistent Storage

Are you experiencing an Xbox One S console that shuts down suddenly when you attempt to load a new game? Clearing the persistent storage, the stored Blu-ray data on your console can fix this problem. To clear persistent storage on Xbox One S consoles, press the Xbox button.

Next, go to System > Settings > Blu-ray and select the “Bluray” option. Select ‘Persistent storage’ from the Bluray menu and then choose the ‘Clear persistent store’ option. Turn the console off once you’re done.

Let the console remain unplugged for approximately 5 minutes before plugging in the power cord. Try turning on the console and loading a game to check if the Xbox One turns off randomly.

Method 6: Try a Wired Connection

Microsoft claims that some wireless router settings can cause your Xbox One console’s unexpected shutdown. The Xbox One may shut down unexpectedly if it is not connected to the internet or has power-saving locations.

If this is the case, it’s worth using a wired connection instead. Many people have found a solution to the Xbox One randomly turning off problems by switching to a wired connection.

Method 7: Hard Reset Your Console

This will reset your console to factory settings, and it will also delete the cache. These are the steps to follow:

The system will turn on if you hold the power button down for 10 seconds. The system will then turn off. The system will turn on again when you press the button.


  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Select Console info.
  • Select Reset Console.


There could be a number of reasons why your Xbox is turning off unexpectedly. We’ve provided you with the possible ways to handle those problems. But if it doesn’t still work, you have to find a professional assistant or replace the new Xbox.

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