Why Is My Exhaust Rattling?

Why Is My Exhaust Rattling?

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There are few things as frustrating to a car owner as hearing their exhaust rattling. Not only can the sound be annoying to you, but usually other people can hear it as well and it can be an embarrassing problem. Aside from the annoyance, a rattling exhaust could mean there is something else going on under your car. You don’t want to put off the repairs, you want to take your car to an Auto Repair Center and have the problem fixed quickly so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Here are a few reasons your exhaust may be rattling or making a strange noise.

Something Is Loose

If something is loose on the bottom of your car, it could be making the exhaust rattle. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Something could simply be rattling; the exhaust may have broken loose from a mount and be rattling or something else could be rattling up against it. The because does move a little as the car runs but, in most cases, it is mounted so well that you can’t tell it. If you want to see why your car is making the noise, you can look underneath it to see if anything looks like it is loose or has dropped down.

It’s possible that your exhaust is rattling because something is loose. You might need to have a car service to take a look at it and fix the problem.

There Is A Leak

If your exhaust has a leak, it could sound like a rattling sound. As the air moves through the exhaust and leaks out it can sound like the exhaust is rattling. You may not be able to see a hole, or it may be large and obvious. There are ways to seal and fix exhaust leaks, but if the issue is severe or if you are not experienced and want to make sure you don’t mess up your exhaust system or make the issue worse, it’s a good idea to take it to a professional.

Exhaust Is Broken

Mesa AZ auto repair 3 198x300It’s easier for your exhaust to break than you realize and if you have hit a bump, driven over rough road or if the exhaust was loose or feel down, it could have rubbed up against the road or an object and been ripped off. If this is the case you will likely here a loud rattling or other sounds. You will need to have the exhaust mounted back on the vehicle or else you will want to have a brand-new exhaust system installed so you know it will work as it should without any noise or problems.

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When your exhaust is making a weird noise, it can cause some concern. You may not even know if the sound you are hearing is your exhaust or another problem. If you hear strange sounds coming from underneath your car, it’s never a good idea. It can mean that something is severely wrong and it could lead to more severe problems if it is not repaired promptly. You don’t have to make the repairs yourself, you can take your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop. Call Network Automotive Services today.