Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking 2022

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking 2022?

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The Xbox One controller is a device that allows users to interact with their Xbox One console. The controller may sometimes blink, which can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Want to discover why is my Xbox controller blinking and how to fix it? Let’s dive into our blog post.

Causes of Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking

Your Xbox One controller is blinking in most cases because it cannot connect to your console or PC. There are many factors that can stop it from connecting. These can be more serious or less severe and may require more or less repair. These are the factors that can make a difference.

  • A software or microprocessor bug
  • A malfunction of the Bluetooth circuit, or the compatible micro USB cable
  • Internal component or power loss
  • A minor issue with your use
  • A signal that isn’t strong enough

The batteries in your Xbox One controller could also be low or dead, and cause your Xbox One controller to blink.

Basic Checks

Basic Checks

If your Xbox One controller is flashing, make sure you do some basic checks to ensure the problem is not caused by your use.

1 / Test your Xbox One controller or console to determine if it is the controller or the computer that’s failing. Microsoft support can help you determine if the problem is with your console or computer.

2 / Keep all objects out of the way of the Xbox One controller’s receivers. Avoid electronic devices that could interfere with the signal.

3 / Keep a distance of at least 9m between the devices. To make the signal clearer and easier to connect, don’t hesitate to get closer.

4 / Make sure the front of your console or computer faces the controller.

5 / Unplug your headset, which can sometimes stop the Xbox One controller from connecting. If necessary, reconnect the controller and synchronize it. Once your controller has been connected, reconnect the microphone.

How To Fix An Xbox Controller That Keeps Blinking

why does my xbox one controller keep blinking

After you have ruled out the possibility of your Xbox controller flashing because of a minor issue in your usage, it is possible that the problem is caused by a system bug. To determine the root cause of the problem, perform the following operations.

Software Problems When Your Xbox One Controller Flashes

Reset your hardware by turning it on

If your Xbox One controller flashes, it could be software bugs or microprocessor bugs. First, reset your controller to fix the problem. Connect the cable to the USB port of your console. The other end should be connected to the controller. Finally, press the Xbox button for a few seconds.

If your Xbox controller flashes constantly, you can restart your console and reset it electrically by following these steps:

  • Hold the Xbox power button down for 10 seconds until the console turns off.
  • Unplug the power cord from its AC outlet.
  • Wait 20 minutes.
  • Connect the power cable and then turn on the Xbox console.

If your Xbox One controller blinks but doesn’t connect to your PC, try the following:

  • Press the Start key on your computer
  • Restart by selecting On or Off

Update your Xbox controller firmware

It is possible for your Xbox One controller to flash when it needs updating. These steps will help you determine if your controller requires an update.

  • Use the micro USB cable to connect your controller with the Xbox.
  • Press the Xbox button to access your console guide.
  • Select “Profile & system”>”Settings”>”Devices & connections”>”Accessories”
  • Navigate to “Xbox Wireless Controller” Launch the “Update” button and follow the instructions.
  • After the update has been installed, unplug the USB cable from the controller and reconnect it via Bluetooth.

If the Xbox One controller does not flash, it is likely that the software problem is at fault. If it doesn’t, it is most likely a hardware problem.

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Hardware Problems When Your Xbox One Controller Flashes

How to fix flashing light xbox one controller

Weak or broken batteries

The controller will not connect if the batteries are low or defective. It will then flash to notify you. Next, check the battery condition. If the battery level is low you can replace them or charge them.

Connect your Xbox One controller with your console or computer

In most cases, a flashing Xbox One controller means that it isn’t connecting to your console or computer. It is often caused by the controller not being detected by the device.

Next, verify that your Xbox One controller flashes on your console or computer. If the controller does not appear to be connected, you can repair it.

1 – Connect your Xbox One controller with a console

Notice: You must hold down the sync button on your Xbox One controller with another device (PC or another console) each time you connect it.

If your Xbox One controller blinks when it is connected to your console, follow these steps to connect it via Bluetooth.

  • Hold the Connect button at the back of your controller until it flashes.
  • Click the Pair button on your console.

The Bluetooth circuit may be down if your controller is continuous light. If your controller continues to flash, it is likely that the Bluetooth circuit is down. In such cases, connect your USB cable to your controller. If this fails, your controller may have a hardware or software problem. Follow the next steps in our guide.

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2 – Connect your Xbox One controller with a PC

If your Xbox One controller lights up when you connect it to a computer, this is likely due to an issue with the connection. Try changing the connection between the three devices.

Use this method to connect your Xbox One controller with a Windows device

This allows you to determine if the problem is caused by a Bluetooth connection that isn’t working, a cable that doesn’t work, or the remote.

Problem with Bluetooth or Cable Connection

As we’ve seen, if your Xbox One controller blinks, it is most likely due to a connection issue.

The Bluetooth circuit may be defective if the wired connection fails to work but the wireless connection works. The lever will need to be replaced.

If the Bluetooth connection fails but the wired connection doesn’t work, then the USB cable may be defective. Try another cable. You will need to replace your controller if this doesn’t change the behavior of another cable.

The USB cord must be high quality. Do not use damaged, soiled, or counterfeit cables as they may not function properly.

Get Professional Assistance

It could be that your controller is not responding to all of the checks. It could be an issue with the power supply or internal components. If your controller stops working, you will need to contact a professional.

If your controller is still eligible, you should first activate your warranty. If not, contact:

  • Xbox Support
  • The after-sales support of your controller.
  • An independent repair service.

However, if the warranty on your controller expires, you will be charged for any repair or replacement costs. It is more cost-effective to purchase a new controller.


It could be that your console is experiencing a power problem. Your console will shut down any wireless devices that are not receiving enough power in order to conserve energy. You should make sure that you aren’t plugged into any extension cords or surge protectors.

How Can I Fix My Xbox One Controller Not Syncing?

Inactivity may have caused your controller to turn off. The Xbox One controllers will shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity to prevent them from becoming dead. Push the Xbox button on your controller to reconnect it and start syncing.

Why is My Xbox Controller Not Connecting To The USB?

Unplug any USB devices that are connected to your Xbox/PC (wireless hardware and external hard drives), keyboards, and other wired controllers. Start your Xbox or PC, and then try to connect the controller again. You can only connect eight wireless controllers to your Xbox or PC if they are connected.

Why is My Xbox Controller Not Charging?

It is possible that your rechargeable battery pack has worn out. How often you recharge your rechargeable battery will determine how long it lasts.

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