Will Braces Fix My Chin[Shape]?

Will Braces Fix My Chin[Shape]?

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Braces or struts are devices that orthodontists use on their patients to help straighten, align, and position teeth in the proper way, according to a person’s bite. They also help improve a person’s dental health. These devices not only focus on the teeth but also the jaw and are used to fix problems related to the two. They can either be cosmetic or structural and are often used with other orthodontic appliances in widening the jaws or palate, thus helping shape your teeth and jaws.

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Everyone loves a beautiful smile and whenever someone books an appointment with an orthodontist, they expect to go home looking and feeling better. Orthodontists will strive to ensure you get the best smile after the treatment, keeping in mind the changes that come with the aging process.

People going for struts always want to know whether the orthodontics will alter their chin shape and generally, their faces. The answer is usually yes. One of the struts functions is to give you face symmetry while aligning your dental formula. The end result is a natural-looking jawline and mouth. There exist three alignment related issues that will result in improved facial appearances once corrected.

People with this issue usually have a bottom lip that looks too overpowering compared to the upper one, which makes the jaw tend to stick out. The chin juts out, making the jaw to appear too big for their faces. After struts, such a patient will notice that their jaws no longer stick out and they will have softer and more natural-looking facial features.


People with an overbite appear like they don’t have a chin and have undefined jawlines. Looking at such a person, their top lip will appear like it is jutting out from the face. Struts will correct this problem by aligning the bite to help the patient achieve a better jawline. They will alter the way your teeth and jaw fit together, bringing better agreement in the entire lower part of your face. In some extreme cases, orthodontic surgery will be required in conjunction with the struts to change the jaw alignment.

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With this condition, the patients’ teeth look similar to those of a horse, protruding out at an angle. Such people are often unable to close their mouths naturally. They tend to look like they are trying to stretch their mouths over the overly big teeth. Struts can be used to help them pull such teeth into a proper vertical alignment so that they cease to protrude. This will enable the person to easily close their mouth without having to stretch their lips over crooked teeth.

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Even the tiniest of the issues that come with teeth misalignment can be the cause of embarrassment to a person’s smile. Struts can correct problems related to spacing and direction so that the patient can finally flash a beautiful smile without having to worry about misaligned teeth.

In all the above cases, either the upper or the lower jaw failed to develop properly and surgery will be required to push the underdeveloped jaw forward. Any skilled orthodontist should be able to correct underbites and overbites leaving their patients with symmetrical facial appearance. You will also enjoy better jaw health.

Some people with protruding mouths choose to get struts fitted. Such a case is usually caused by misaligned teeth which can even make the chin protrude. Struts can effectively correct this condition. You will need to seek the services of a qualified orthodontist. Though you might barely see any noticeable change in the jawline after getting struts fitted, the positive change will become apparent after a period of time. Your chin shape might even change for the better.

Though the process might take time, eventually you will enjoy the good results and your jaw will finally get realigned to the face.

Strut Around

Having a tooth extracted can leave you with a sunken-in looking face. This might even make you look a couple of years older. You can correct this problem by the use of incognito struts that help stop any further extraction. The greatest contributor to a changed facial structure is tooth extraction. Incognito struts are customized to guarantee you straight teeth after their use. Although they are highly effective in straightening teeth, they will not make any sudden change to the shape of your mouth.

These struts are usually fitted behind the teeth, thus earning themselves the name ‘invisible struts’. They remain hidden at all times, making them ideal for people who don’t wish to have metal wires and brackets put on their teeth. A person without the idea that you are wearing incognito struts will not notice them.

There are several things like jaw alignment and teeth alignment that determine the shape of your face. This is where struts come in. if you have misaligned teeth, struts will help straighten them. If you are worried that your chin or the entire face will look like once your doctor installs struts, do not worry as the changes will be positive. The most important thing is getting a highly qualified orthodontics specialist for the procedure. Not every orthodontic doctor can perform this procedure and leave you with desirable results.

Struts and Healthy Teeth

Struts surpass their structural benefits and bring about cosmetic ones as well. After the struts are taken off, you will find it easier to clean your teeth and gums than before. This goes a long way in preventing tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease. Plus many more dental problems that can affect your smile. This means that you will not only enjoy a more symmetrical jawline but a healthier mouth too.

Although the changes associated with struts might seem subtle at first, if you exercise some patience, you will enjoy the fully fledged positive results within a given period. Getting your teeth fixed by an orthodontic specialist using struts might just be what you need to have a more symmetrical looking chin and better jaw health. Why not give it a chance? After all, you will end up with more benefits than regrets. Take back the power of a beautiful smile; be in control of your happiness.

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Will Braces Fix My Chin[Shape]?