Your device is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this device

Your device is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this device

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Video Computer Is Offline How To Fix

There may be a time, when you may receive a Your device/PC is offline, Please sign in with the last password used on this device/PC message, when you start your Windows 11/10 computer and try to log in. If you are facing this issue, then this post may help you troubleshoot the issue.

your pc is offline

This issue can typically result, when you are using a Microsoft Account to log into your Windows 11/10 PC and you have reset the password online on your Microsoft, Outlook or Hotmail account, but forgotten to make the change on your PC. Alternatively, you may receive this message if you inadvertently typed the wrong password in the box.

It can also happen after installing Windows Updates.

Your device is offline

Here are a few things you can try to recover your Windows PC. See which scenario applies to you.

1] If your device is set to automatically connect to Wi-Fi, ensure that it is properly connected to the Internet or Network and restart it.

2] In the bottom right part of the screen you will see network icons that will let you connect to the Internet. Click on your WiFi/Broadband icon and a panel will open from the right side as follows:

device offline

Now connect your computer to the Internet and Enter your Microsoft Account password.

3] Check if your password is correct and then enter it carefully.

4] Make sure that your Caps Lock is not On.

5] Our author Arun Kumar adds – You may also try this. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power icon > Restart. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart. After your PC restarts, select F5 for Safe Mode with Networking. Go to System restore and choose a prior good point and see if it helps.

6] Create a system restore point first and then Run regedit to open the Registry Editor. Next, navigate to the following key:


Expand StoredIdentities and delete the key of the Microsoft account that is creating issues. Having done this, remove this device from your Microsoft Account by visiting this link. Now try to sign in and see if it works. You can always add this device again to your list of devices in your Microsoft account.

7] If you have reset the password online, use the new password on your Windows 10/8 PC.

8] Try to reset your password online again here, and use the new password now.

9] In case your keyboard has been configured to support multiple languages, check if you are using the correct language. You can check its settings in the taskbar. More on this at the end of this post.

10] Do you think maybe your Microsoft Account has got hacked? Here are ways to recover a hacked Microsoft Account. If you think it has been blocked by Microsoft, go here to recover a blocked or suspended Outlook or Microsoft account.

If any of this does not help, you may have to carry out a System Restore operation or the Refresh PC option.

These posts on Windows Password Recovery and how to recover from lost Windows passwords natively will help you recover lost, forgotten Windows passwords. Try some freeware Password Recovery tools like Ophcrack, Cain & Abel Recover my Password Home Free or Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

Let us know what worked for you.

See this post if you receive That password is incorrect, Make sure you’re using the password for your Microsoft account message during sign-in.

your device is offline