Fixed: Your Network Is Behind A Port Restricted NAT Xbox One

Fixed: Your Network Is Behind A Port Restricted NAT Xbox One

If you’re playing Xbox One and are having trouble connecting to friends or online games, it may be because your network is behind a port restricted NAT. NAT, or Network Address Translation, is a technique used by routers to map public IP addresses to private IP addresses. This can cause problems with online gaming, as some ports may be blocked. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to fix this issue.

How to Fix “Your Network Is Behind A Port Restricted NAT” Xbox One

Before we get started, let’s go over what NAT is and how it works. Network Address Translation (NAT) is a service provided by your router.

This function lets all devices on your home network access your ISP-assigned external IP address.

There are three NAT options on the Xbox One: Open, Moderate, and Strict NAT.

Moderate NAT will provide you with the following benefits: Your Network is protected by a port-restricted NAT message, which is why you should switch to Open NAT to avoid future issues.

Solution 1: Set Your Ports To Forwarding or Trigger.

It is recommended that you forward or trigger specific ports in order to eliminate this warning.

If specified ports aren’t forwarded, NAT issues might arise, but this is a simple fix. Go to your router’s setup settings and give your Xbox One a static IP address to deliver your ports.

After that, you must forward the ports listed below:

  • Port 88 (UDP)
  • Port 3074 (UDP & TCP) (Alternate port selection)
  • Port 53 (UDP & TCP)
  • Port 80 (TCP)
  • Port 500 (UDP)
  • Port 3544 (UDP)
  • Port 4500 (UDP)

Because each router’s port forwarding settings vary, we highly advise you to consult your router’s handbook for specific instructions. Some users suggest triggering ports in the 88-88, 3074-3074, and other ranges.

A few customers stated that forwarding the following ports also helped them solve the problem:

  • Use port 16000 (UDP and TCP) for party chat and matching.
  • For Kinect, Skype, and video difficulties, use port 1863 (UDP and TCP).
  • Call of Duty Zombie and other games use ports 3075 and 3076.

After you’ve forwarded the ports, all you have to do now is connect your Xbox One to your Network. Make sure you don’t include any network information that isn’t dynamic. Set your Xbox One’s Network set up to Automatic instead.

Your router will then perform all of the necessary settings for your console.

To check that everything is operating correctly, you must now test your network connection. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Select Network from the Settings menu. You should be able to see the pertinent details about your network connection.
  • Select Test network connection from the Troubleshooting section. While the scan is running, your Internet connection will be tested. Select Continue once it’s finished.
  • From the Troubleshooting section, pick the Test multiplayer connection option.
  • Hold LB + LT + RB + RT on your controller when viewing the scan results.

A new screen with an entire network report will appear.

Look for the option for Detailed NAT Status. The Detailed NAT status will change after a minute or two. If the type switches to OPEN NAT type, the issue has been rectified.

A few customers noted that you must restart your router when forwarding ports for modifications to take effect. Follow these basic steps to do so:

  • To switch off your router, press the power button.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds.
  • Restart your router by pressing the power button and waiting for it to come on fully.

After that, restart your Xbox One to see whether the issue has been repaired.

Solution 2: Make Use of The DMZ Functionality.

Make Use of The DMZ Functionality

You should be able to address many network difficulties with your Xbox One simply by enabling the DMZ option, also known as Demilitarized Zone, on some routers.

This function is similar to port forwarding, except that it delivers all ports to your Xbox One instead of forwarding specific ports.

To use this function, first, go to your router’s setup page and give your console a static IP address. Make sure you don’t have any port forwarding or triggering enabled.

After that, locate and enable the DMZ option. You may need to provide your Xbox’s static IP address or MAC address to allow this capability.

Remove any existing network settings from your Xbox One and ensure that your network setup is automatic. Now it’s time to put your network connection to the test.

Check to see our prior answer for a detailed explanation of how to accomplish this. After the network scan is complete, press LB + LT + RB + RT on your controller to display the full findings.

Check whether the Detailed NAT status switches to Open after a few minutes.

We should point out that using the DMZ function is more accessible than forwarding individual ports, but not all routers enable this option.

Before using the DMZ function, make sure to read your router’s documentation to determine if it supports this feature.

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Solution 3: Enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

UPnP, also known as Universal Plug and Play, has been suggested by a few users as a possible solution to this problem. This functionality enables your network devices to discover one another and create a connection automatically.

Go to your router’s setup page and disable any port forwarding or DMZ settings to use this function. Locate and enable the UPnP function now.

By enabling this function, your router will identify and activate the ports used by Xbox One without the need for any human configuration.

Go to your Xbox One and change the network configuration to Automatic once you’ve enabled this option.

Press the LB + LT + RB + RT button sequence to test your network connection. Check the status of Detailed NAT after a minute or two.

Although UPnP allows you to configure your Xbox One to interact with your Network automatically, just a few people have encountered problems with it.

If you’re utilizing Instant-On power mode on your Xbox, this function won’t work. Therefore you’ll have to switch to Energy-saving mode. Follow these steps to do so:

  • On your controller, press the Menu button.
  • Select Settings > Power & Startup from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Power mode in the Power Options area and push the A button on the controller.
  • Select the One that saves energy.

After enabling Energy-saving mode, UPnP should function normally, and the notification Your Network is behind a port-restricted NAT will be gone.

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Remember that turning off your console in Energy-saving mode will turn it off entirely, so it will start a little slower when you click the power button.

We should also point out that the UPnP functionality does not necessitate assigning a static IP address to your Xbox.

Nonetheless, a few people stated that assigning an IP address and turning on UPnP cured the problem for them, so you might want to give it a shot.

Solution 4: Run the Internet Connection Test Once More.

A few people said that merely repeating the Internet connection test a few times fixed the problem. According to them, you should keep doing that until you obtain an Open NAT or Your Network is behind a cone NAT notification.

Check out Solution 1 for complete advice on testing your Internet connection.

Solution 5: Turn Off Your Router’s Firewall For The Time Being.

Turn Off Your Router's Firewall For The Time Being

Your router has its own firewall to protect you from unauthorized users and assaults. However, your firewall setup might occasionally interfere with your multiplayer experience.

Go to your router’s setup page and disable the firewall to resolve this issue. Check if the notice Your Network is behind a port-restricted NAT still shows on your Xbox One after turning off the firewall.

Disabling your router’s firewall is always a security risk. Still, if it solves the problem on your Xbox One, you should re-enable it and inspect the firewall configuration to figure out why your firewall is blocking Xbox One.

Solution 6: Disable UPnP Settings.

A few customers complained that the UPnP functionality was causing their console to display the warning, “Your network is under a port-restricted NAT.”

Although, as previously stated, this function should automatically set up all network devices, including your Xbox One, some issues might arise.

The issue should be fixed after removing the UPnP function.

Solution 7: Enable Access Point feature and Turn the UPnP on

A couple of customers stated that altering their network setup cured the problem with their Xbox One.

All you have to do, according to them, is activate the Access Point capability on your router and enable UPnP. The problem should be addressed after that.

Solution 8: Update The Firmware on Your Router.

Your router is in charge of network settings and all network traffic, but you may need to upgrade its firmware from time to time to obtain the most incredible performance from it.

The new firmware adds new functionality, and changing your Network’s firmware might sometimes solve your Xbox One troubles.

Your Network is behind a port-restricted NAT issue that was reported to be fixed after installing the latest firmware update for their router, so you might want to try that.

Keep in mind that changing your router’s firmware is a more sophisticated operation, and you should consult your router’s instruction manual before attempting to do so.

Solution 9: Change NAT Filtering Settings

As previously stated, your modem settings on Xbox One might cause this and other network-related difficulties.

Some users claim that altering the NAT filtering settings on your modem will cure the Your Network is behind a port-restricted NAT problem. To do so, go through the following steps:

  • Open the setup page for your modem.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings > WAN Configuration.
  • Change the NAT filtering setting to Open.
  • Save your modifications after disabling SIP ALG.

This technique may change somewhat depending on your modem; thus, we highly advise you to consult your instruction manual for specific instructions.

Solution 10: Using A Wired Connection, Use A Wireless Connection.

While utilizing a connected connection allows you to browse the Internet without any interference or data loss, many users prefer using a wireless connection since it is more convenient.

If you use a connected connection, you may run into problems. Your Network is protected by a port-restricted NAT message on your Xbox One.

Users stated that their NAT changed to Open after switching to the wireless Network, rectifying the problem.

Solution 11: Set Your Modem to Bridged Mode.

Some modems may also function as wireless routers; however, this might cause problems with some devices, such as the Xbox One. You must enable Bridged Mode on your modem to resolve this issue.

Keep in mind that this choice disables your modem’s router functionality, which means you won’t be able to utilize Wi-Fi.

After you’ve enabled Bridged Mode, all you have to do now is connect your console to your modem through an Ethernet wire and see whether it solves the problem.

Check your modem’s instruction manual for information on how to enable Bridged Mode.

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