If the musical genius in you is itching to get out, but that grand piano just won’t fit though your apartment door, fear not! Just fold open the Dream Cheeky iPlay Piano and tickle the ivories. Using Bluetooth®, this 3-octave piano with full-sized keys connects wirelessly to your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.

The free Dream Cheeky Sound System app lets you play along with your favorite music and select one of many instruments to make your iPlay Piano sound just like you want. You can even record and play back your tunes, or learn how to play along with pre-programmed songs. On top of all that, there are more free games in the Dream Cheeky Arcade. With the added benefits of helping you strengthen your fingers on its durable surface, and being extremely portable, the iPlay Piano ensures you will always have piano lessons at your fingertips!

• Fold-up Piano connected to iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad
• For playing and learning anywhere, anytime
• Durable, full-sized keys will strengthen fingers
• A mobile arcade
• Ready to play, rechargeable lithium battery included

This product contains a lithium battery and can therefore only be shipped by FedEx (approximately $20 more than ‘regular’ shipping).

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