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Top 10 Best Household Push Brooms Reviews and Buying Guide In 2024

We all need to clean our house to maintain a clean atmosphere. A push broom includes a long handle so that you can have a comfortable experience while cleaning your home. It offers versatile performance and helps to remove dust and dirt. 

You can have the easy operation as it lets you adjust the handle. Some can come in multi-functional designs eliminating the need of having multiple tools. It will let you have easiness while cleaning and effectively remove dirt and debris. Check out the top 10 best household push brooms below.

List of Top 10 Best Household Push Brooms In 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Evriholder Pet Hair Removal Broom

FURemover Original Indoor Pet Hair Rubber Broom with Carpet Rake and Squeegee, Black and Yellow
  • Removes Fur: The 100% natural pet hair remover rubber broom attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood and linoleum. Specially designed as a carpet brush for dog hair remover and a cat hair remover.
  • Telescopic Handle: Carpet hair remover easily adjusts the handle length to suit any user. Handle extends from 36 inches to 60 inches make this high-a Quality carpet hair removal tool.
  • Innovative & Versatile: Dog fur remover, carpet scraper for pet hair, tile, windows and more the carpet pet hair remover gets your surfaces cleaner. Works well as a carpet rake for pet hair removal.
  • Easy Cleanup: Simply wash away excess cat hair and dog hair on the rubber broom bristles by using soapy water and renew. Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.
  • Built-In Squeegee: The carpet squeegee broom cleans windows, showers and windshields with ease. It wipes away liquid spills on tile, concrete or any hardwood surface such as interior flooring.

Equipped with a telescopic handle, this household push broom comes in an innovative design. This will allow you to have better convenience as it can clean different types of surfaces. Moreover, this also comes with a built-in squeegee that can easily remove liquid spills in a single wipe.

In this, you will find natural rubber that has the ability to attract pet hair and other debris. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the length of the handle according to your preference and reach a maximum of 60 inches. Additionally, this will let you have a natural feel, and it comes with easy maintenance.


  • Safe to use and extendable handle.
  • Natural rubber design for high performance.
  • Durable construction and built-in squeegee.


  • The handle could have been ergonomic.

Quickie Household Push Brooms

Quickie Bulldozer Smooth-surface Push Broom 24 inch, Black, Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning, Steel Handle, Professional-Grade, Sweep Home/Garage/Kitchen/Hallways (538)
  • Smooth surface natural fiber push broom sweeps lightweight dirt, sawdust and spackling powder
  • 60-inch powder coated steel handle
  • Flagged natural Tampico fibers set in 24-inch heavy-duty resin block
  • Swivel tip hang-up feature for easy storage
  • 5-year limited warranty

If you are looking for a household push broom that lets you have better convenience, this can be the perfect one for you. It has a smooth surface as it features natural fiber for removing the dirt. Moreover, this has a lightweight structure, and it comes to the powder-coated steel handle that lets you use it for a long time.

The product will let you have easy storage and its features swivel tip hang-up design. Additionally, this has wide application, and it features heavy-duty resin block. Furthermore, this comes from a popular brand, and you can easily remove the clip to have better convenience.


  • Lightweight design for easy usage.
  • Natural fiber to remove dirt and debris.
  • Diamond plate design to prevent warping.


  • It is rather hard to assemble.

O-Cedar Professional Push Broom

No products found.

Here is a push broom that comes with soft bristles that make easy sweeping. You can easily use it on rough surfaces, and this delivers high performance. Moreover, it comes with Maxi-Lok technology as well as an anti-rotation socket that creates a perfect lock for user convenience.

Additionally, this is made of recycled material, and you can easily use it for outdoor surfaces as well as garages and decks. Furthermore, it comes with easy maintenance, and you can conveniently hang it to have easy storage. The broom is resistant to mildew and warp, and it has a sweeping width of 18 inches.


  • Durable construction and resistant to crack.
  • High performance and anti-rotation socket.
  • Secure hold and easy to use.


  • It is slightly bigger in size.

Grout Brush with Long Handle by Fox Trot

No products found.

Providing you with better convenience while using it, this one includes a built-in squeegee edge. It is suitable for both wet and dry areas, and you can even use it indoors and outdoors. Moreover, this includes an adjustable rubber that allows you to use it hassle-free.

This can be an ideal pet hair remover making it perfect for high traffic areas. Furthermore, you can even use it for cleaning windows and showers, and it comes with a long handle that allows you to adjust the length according to your preference. Additionally, it has low maintenance and allows you to use it for a long time.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Low maintenance and natural rubber brush.
  • Squeegee edge for windows and showers.


  • It may not work on all types of carpets.

LandHope Household Push Brooms

No products found.

With this push broom, you can have effortless sweeping as it comes with rubber bristles. This has the ability to remove hair, dust, and scraps from your carpet and floors. Moreover, this can be an ideal product for pet owners as it can easily remove pet hair. Furthermore, it has a gentle performance making it safe for carpets.

Additionally, you will also find a convenient adjustable handle that lets you adjust it from 31.5 to 54 inches. It is an ideal product for people of all heights, and you can even clean it conveniently after using it. It has wide applications giving you the advantage of using it anywhere you want.


  • Safe to use and adjustable handle.
  • Ability to remove pet hair and dust.
  • Convenient design and effortless operation.


  • The construction is not quite durable.

MR.SIGA Soft Rubber Broom

No products found.

The telescopic handle of the household push broom will let you use it comfortably. It also comes with a squeegee that offers better convenience while cleaning windows and showers. Moreover, it delivers reliable performance, and it comes in a washable design for long lasting use. It has a large width of 31 cm, and it is perfect for collecting dust and dirt.

Furthermore, the product has an attractive look, and it has a soft rubber bristle. Additionally, this comes in a two-in-one design making it a multipurpose product. You will also find a convenient scrubber on the side that helps to remove dirt without making any damage.


  • Multifunctional design for user advantage.
  • Easy to use and extendable handle.
  • High performance with soft brush fiber.


  • The material construction could have been sturdier.

Soft Push Broom by JUOIFIP

No products found.

The durable construction of the push broom will let you use it for a long time. This is easy to wash and has greater resistance to water. Moreover, this is perfect for all occasions as it comes in waterproof design. Furthermore, it is suitable for all types of floor surfaces, and you can even use it for cleaning furniture and glass.

You will also find a convenient handle that allows you to adjust the height according to your preference. Additionally, this will let you reach in difficult areas, and it comes in a two-in-one design. This includes a scraper that helps to remove pet hair as well as spills.


  • Telescopic handle for user advantage.
  • Multifunctional design and enhanced durability.
  • Improved resistance to water with waterproof construction.


  • The average rating is low.

 FlexSweep Commercial Floor Squeegee

No products found.

Available in a powerful construction, this push broom includes an unbreakable handle. It is extremely strong making it suitable for commercial purposes. Moreover, it comes in a balanced weight and is from a popular brand. Additionally, this delivery heavy-duty performance and it has a brush width of 24 inches.

The product has wide application, and it is suitable for all weather conditions. It also includes a squeegee as well as a scraper so that you can use it for different purposes. Furthermore, it has durable blades, and it comes with an easy flip patent-pending design for better performance.


  • Durable construction for long lasting use.
  • Easy to use with flip design.
  • Multifunctional design and high performance.


  • There is no cons at all.

Anoda Rubber Household Push Brooms

No products found.

This one comes in a complete set and delivers reliable performance. The push broom includes a TPR rubber squeegee blade that can effectively remove dirt and debris. Moreover, this has wide applications and includes thermoplastic rubber bristles. It is a high quality product and comes with durable construction.

Furthermore, this includes an aluminum telescopic pole that it is resistant to break. Additionally, this is very easy to use as it comes with bi-thread securing technology. You will also find a mini dustpan that offers better convenience while you clean the house. This can serve as a perfect gift for every homeowner.


  • Complete set and easy to use.
  • High performance and aluminum telescopic pole.
  • Bi-thread mechanism for hassle-free operation.


  • It is a relatively new product.

Alpine Industries Multi-Surface Push Broom

No products found.

Are you looking for a push broom that can last for a long time? This has the ability to remove dirt and debris and suitable for all types of floor surfaces. Moreover, this is perfect for long-term use and offers efficient sweeping. Furthermore, it comes with sturdy construction that can remove large debris for outstanding performance.

This is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it comes in a versatile construction. Additionally, it also includes an easy-grip handle that lets you have better control while using it. It is easy to store, and it allows you to select from different sizes.


  • Efficient performance and easy to use.
  • Safe to use and high quality construction.
  • Ability to clean all types of surfaces.


  • There are only a few reviews available.
best household push brooms

Buying Guide for Household Push Brooms

Here is the list of the top points to check when you opt for household push brooms.

Broom Handle

This is one of the most important considerations that you will have to see while buying a household push broom. Look for the one that comes with an extendable handle so that you can easily reach in hard to reach areas. It can be perfect for all users irrespective of the height.

Brush Width

With a brush width, you can cover a large area with a single swipe. It determines the efficiency of the push broom and allows you to save effort and time. A brush width can vary from one unit to another, and you will have to get the one that suits your requirements.


If you want to use the push broom for a long time, then go for the one that comes with solid construction. Make sure it is resistant to cracks and lets you use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. Look for the one that comes in an ergonomic design that lets you have an easy operation.


It is the performance that makes you buy a household push broom. It has to suitable for both dry and wet surfaces making it a versatile product. Consider the one that comes with smooth bristles that do not cause any harm to your carpets. It must gently remove pet hair and all types of debris from the floor.


For easy operation, you will have to see if it comes with a squeegee edge. This will give you the advantage of using it for cleaning windows as well as showers.


If you have pets at home, you have to go for a push broom. It is highly effective in cleaning out the hairs from the pets as well as a proper dusting of the floors. They are also easy to work with, and you need to apply minimal effort. Go through the buying guide well to understand the various buying parameters you need to check when you inspect the products listed.

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