Zhiyun Crane Plus Review

Are you looking for the best handheld Gimbal? The Zhiyun Crane Plus is the best handheld gimbal around! This amazing device allows you to have complete control over your footage making it the ideal choice for both professional filmmakers as well as hobbyists.

This gimbal is truly unique because of its features, including an intelligent camera and motorized gimbal, and 2-axis motorized, gimbal. You can also shoot a smooth 4K video.

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Zhiyun Crane Plus Review

Zhiyun Crane Plus Review 



The Crane Plus is built on the 3 axis gimbal, which has been a popular handheld gimbal product for many years. Crane Plus can be easily upgraded to any other gimbal. You will find many similarities between Crane Plus and your older gimbal.

This is a great way to start your first gimbal. Even if you don’t know much about gimbals, it is very easy to use. The balancing process for Crane Plus takes less than one minute with some practice. This will ensure your gimbal’s calibration to your camera rig’s exact weight and motors working at their best.

Motors will work best if the gimbal weight is accurate. This will increase the battery life.

Performance and Functionality

Performance and Functionality

It is not difficult to see that the Zhiyun Crane Plus was the predecessor of this Zhiyun Crane Plus. This left Zhiyun open to competition and a chance for Zhiyun to be knocked off the top spot in the entry-level market for gimbals.

The DJI Ronin S, and to a certain extent, the Feiyutech AK2000 were able to outperform Zhiyun Crane v2 at some points so that the Zhiyun Crane Plus needed to rewrite their rule book for entry-level gimbals.

The Crane Plus is much cheaper than the DJI Ronin S, and its battery life is also superior. The Crane Plus can last up to 18 hours, while the Ronin S is only able to last for around 12 hours.

This is the maximum battery time for the gimbals. The average battery life for the Crane Plus is closer to 12 hours, and for the Ronin S, it’s around 8 hours.

The Crane Plus is almost half the cost of the Ronin S in terms of battery life. The Crane Plus has a three-hour recharge time, meaning it is much more cost-effective than gimbals.

The Zhiyun Crane Plus has a maximum weight capacity of 5.5 pounds, which means it can easily support the most popular videography and vlogging camera systems currently on the market.

This Zhiyun gimbal is the newest entry-level Zhiyun model. It comes with the lowest price tag of all their ranges, but it can support the weight of professional and intermediate level DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

User Interface and Control System

User Interface and Control System

You may have guessed that the Crane Plus’ control system is more traditional. It uses a joystick, an LCD panel, and a few buttons to give the user maximum control of the gimbal.

Regular readers will know that we prefer this style of gimbal control system to touchscreen systems. The touchscreen technology does not integrate well into a gimbal interface for optimal control of your gimbal.

The newer Weebill S, Aircross 2 offers more manual control of your gimbal heads due to 16 highly sensitive points and an omnidirectional joystick. However, the Crane Plus is still capable of holding its own.

The manual control provided by Crane Plus is sufficient for entry-level videographers or bloggers. Modern and simple balancing techniques for the Zhiyun and DJI gimbals make it possible to balance your camera rig on the Crane Plus.

Feiyutech, Evo, and other gimbal manufacturers use simple and straightforward balancing to make your life easier. We are certain that you will not have any problems balancing your Crane Plus if you are an entry-level user of gimbals. It has been designed to be simple and straightforward.

The Crane Plus’ quick-release plate system is identical to other Manfrotto quick-release plates systems currently on the market. You can mount and unmount your camera rig from the Crane Plus in seconds.

It also allows you to switch between different accessories for your camera as needed. You can switch between your tripod and your gimbal, then back to your gimbal if you need to. This saves time.

Qualitative Construction

The Crane Plus’ excellent quality construction is exactly what you would expect from Zhiyun. It is made of high-quality materials and features a small and strong gimbal unit. It is lightweight so you can hold it longer without feeling your arm cramp. The handgrip design ensures that your hand does not cramp.

Older models of the Zhiyun Gimbal Range were not designed to allow you to use long lenses. Third-party support bars were not available for the Crane v2. These were very difficult to use. To increase performance with longer lenses, the Crane Plus comes with detachable lens support.

The final point about the Zhiyun Crane Plus’s design and quality is what we want to emphasize. The base comes with a 1/4 inch mounting thread that can be used to attach it to a tripod. This is not unusual in this day and age, but many gimbals don’t come with a mounting thread.

Point of View Mode Updates

The Crane Plus has a new point of view mode, which you can easily switch on or off using the control panel. This feature can be useful, depending on the niche and what you want to capture, but it is still a nice feature.

The gimbal’s stabilization will be limited by the new point of view mode. This allows the gimbal roll the camera in sync with your movements up to 45 degrees. This will allow you to capture excellent point-of-view video footage.

This mode is useful in many situations. However, it’s best to think about extreme sports. Imagine yourself snowboarding down a mountain, carving the snow as you go.

The image stabilization on your gimbal, even without the enhanced point of view mode will ensure your camera is level throughout your run. This can produce some amazing video footage but it has its limitations.

Your camera rig will follow you around in the snow as you carve turns. This gives you a better view and increases the viewer’s excitement. It also adds a dramatic effect to your video footage that older gimbals can’t match.

Night Lapse Mode

This mode allows you to take full advantage of your camera’s timelapse capabilities, and blend in with any motion your gimbal provides. This mode allows you to pan or tilt your camera in any direction you want during the timelapse, adding another layer to your footage.

Zhiyun makes night lapse mode control easier by allowing pre-program intervals as well as the number of activations. With just one click, you can set up your night lapse. The camera will then take exactly what you want.

Motion Memory

The Crane Plus is able to rotate 360 degrees along all three axes when compared with previous crane gimbal generations. Here is a complete list of motion capabilities:

  • Abnormalities in motion state – Min: +-0.05 deg, max: +-2.25 deg
  • Deviation in a static condition – min: +/- 0.01 deg, max: +/ 0.03 deg
  • Tilt mechanical range – standard: 360deg unlimited rotation
  • Standard: 360-degree, unlimited rotation roll mechanical range

The motion memory setting allows you to save your speed configurations, tilt speed, panning speed, time and tilt speed. This allows you to prepare the camera to work regardless of whether you are not present or using another camera to capture a second image.

This feature can be used in many ways. We think that the most common use for this feature is by travel bloggers who want the opportunity to portray famous landmarks. Imagine you are at Tower Bridge in London and cannot go online to chat with your client.

You can set the Crane Plus in motion memory mode to continue recording the same route as the bridge. This allows you video-call your client, or to do any other task that you choose.

This allows you to save time and do multiple tasks at once. The bridge is also captured at different times, so the lighting and water flow can be varied. This will help you choose the best clip for your YouTube video. This feature has many uses, and you will be able to find out the best way to use it.

Use a DSLR camera to get the best performance

Use a DSLR camera to get the best performance

Gimbals of entry-level were not able to support weight or provide image stabilization until recent times. Recent advances in gimbal motors have made this obsolete.

The Canon EOS 1d camera body alone weighs in at 2.7 pounds. If you add accessories such as a microphone or lens, the payload can easily be increased to 4 lbs. When weighing a DSLR rig, the Zhiyun Crane Plus can carry a payload of 5.5 pounds.

We know of no other entry-level gimbal stabilizer that can support professional camera rigs but still provide excellent image stabilization.

The only problem with the high payload of the gimbal is that some people report that their arms become tighter after long periods of use. To prevent this, we recommend a dual-handle grip for the rig.

Smartphone App Support

Launching the Zhiyun smartphone app was difficult. When it was launched more than a decade ago, there were many bugs and stumbling blocks. Zhiyun has put much effort into the app and it now works well. Remote control of your gimbal is possible.

The performance section has been dedicated to the intelligent object tracking capabilities of the gimbal. This video shows the amazing technology. To set the gimbal up, just touch your smartphone screen to track the object and place it in the center of the screen.

At the time of writing, the Zhiyun smartphone app has been tested on every iPhone, Samsung and Huawei camera body. This indicates that the app can be used on any smartphone with more functionality.

Intelligent Object Tracking

We love the intelligent object tracking feature of the Crane Plus and believe that most people who purchase the Crane Plus will make use of it. We are also aware that no other gimbal in this price range offers similar features.

Aside from that, the tracking technology in the Crane Plus is not as effective as the cheaper gimbals available on the market.

POV Mode

POV Mode

You can tilt the gimbal up to 45 degrees left and right. The gimbal can be controlled to follow your movements. It is easy to use, and you get smooth footage. These results are incredible, especially when you consider how similar gimbal footage can be. This mode can be used sparingly to spice up your footage.


For filmmakers and video editors looking for a handheld camera, the Zhiyun Crane Plus will be the best choice. It is stable and performs well, and it is easy to use. This is, in fact, one of the most reliable handheld gimbals available.



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