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A GoPro is one of the most widely used cameras today. It offers many options for capturing memories. The average GoPro has a 64GB memory card that can store approximately 2-4 hours’ worth of footage and photos. A memory card with greater capacity is required to get the best out of your GoPro.

These are some recommendations to help you get an idea of how the best sd card for GoPro memory cards works. Also, what size should you consider? Let’s take a look at dreamcheeky

Best SD Card for GoPro


Best SD Card for GoPro

1. SanDisk Extreme / MicroSD Card For GoPro

If I had to choose one memory card for a GoPro I would choose the SanDisk Extreme. They are fast enough to fit any GoPro model, including the HERO10 Black or MAX, are easily available, reliable, and cost-effective.

They are also available in various sizes up to 1TB. These memory cards are safe. These cards are also easy to find in stores.

It is also the official recommendation of GoPro and the one they bundle with their cameras when they sell them directly. Over the years, I have used many SanDisk memory cards and found them reliable, simple to find in stores, and cost-effective.

Although the Extreme lineup may not be the fastest in SanDisk’s range – that would be the Extreme Pro – the Extreme cards are fast enough to handle even the most recent GoPros including the HERO10 Black or MAX. They also work well with older GoPro models.

2. Samsung EVO Select / MicroSD Card For GoPro

There are many models of microSD cards from Samsung, so more than one model can be used with GoPro cameras. They have a confusing naming system, which doesn’t always clearly explain the differences between models. The EVO Select card is one of their best cards, but it is also very affordable.

Samsung recycles series names, just like SanDisk. This is the latest version, which comes in a blue/teal color. It also features the A2 and V30 markings. It is a bit faster than the green version, but it also works in GoPro cameras. This card has been my favorite for many years.

The EVO Select’s latest version is available in 64GB and 128GB sizes, as well as 256GB. The EVO Plus cards work equally well. It is a UHSI card that has a V30 recording speed rating.

3. Delkin Select / GoPro MicroSD Card

Delkin Devices has been manufacturing memory cards for many years, and they are well-respected. They have simplified their product lines and made it easier to distinguish between the cards.

Although the Select line isn’t their fastest, that is the Power V90 Line, the Select series is rated V30 and can be used for HERO8 Black.

This card is rated V30 and features a UHS-I interface. This card is available in sizes from 16GB to 512GB and comes with an SD adapter.

4. Lexar Professional 1066x UHS-I V-60 / MicroSD Cards For GoPro

Lexar also offers slower microSD cards, which will work in older GoPros. However, they are not the best choice for GoPros with 5K or 4K resolutions. This 1066x version is fast enough.

This card is a UHS-1 card that matches the interface in GoPro cameras. Other Lexar models have UHS-2 interfaces, which work, but are not compatible with the camera.

5. PNY Elite-X / MicroSD Card For GoPro

Although PNY is not as well-known as other memory card manufacturers like Samsung, I have found them to make excellent cards. There are a number of ranges available, but the EliteXC is the best because it strikes a good balance between being fast enough and providing good value.

These cards are UHS-I cards with a V30 rating. Although the 32GB card is slower than larger capacity cards, most users will prefer the 128GB-256GB range.

GoPro SD Cards Buying Guide

GoPro SD Cards Buying Guide

Storage Capacity

This may sound like a big deal at first but it’s not. Additional cards don’t have to be expensive. You can reduce the chance of losing all your images by having several cards to capture your day’s adventures. Here are the minutes of video and photos that a gigabyte can hold.

This will allow you to determine how many gigabytes are needed for a given day.

Card Speed

This is even more important than the card’s capacity. You can’t shoot faster than your card will handle. The camera may stutter or produce lower-quality footage. This is not ideal. I would recommend getting the fastest card that you can afford.

SD card or Micro SD card

A microSD card is required for all GoPro cameras. Most cameras will include an SD card adapter. However, you need a MicroSD Card. Anything larger won’t fit into the camera.


There are many memory card manufacturers. Although this is a personal choice, I would recommend SanDisk or Samsung. We have about 20 microSD cards. Probably 80% of them are SanDisk, and the rest are Samsung. Both cards are reliable and easy to find.

Accessories included

For most users, this is not an important feature. If you don’t own an SD card adapter, it’s a good idea to get one. You can connect to your computer and delete videos. You can even view footage on your TV. Sometimes, you will receive an SD card adapter and/or USB card reader along with your microSD card purchase.


How do I format an SD card in my GoPro?

There are many ways to format your memory cards. Formatting your memory card with your GoPro camera is the easiest. This is how you do it with your GoPro camera. These instructions are applicable to all models, from the Hero10 Black back up to the Hero5 camera. If you are familiar with your camera, the following steps will help you format the card. Menu > Preferences > Reset

These are the steps.

  • Swipe down to see the menu while you have the camera on.
  • Tap Preferences.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and tap “Reset”.
  • Tap Format SD card (Top Option)
  • Tap Format to confirm that all files will be deleted and the card will be formatted.


How do you sort SD cards for GoPro?

It can be confusing to attempt to organize all the specifications on an SD card. It almost seems like they are trying to confuse you. This section will help you understand all settings, speeds, capacities.

What is the importance of a fast SD card?

Fast SD cards allow you to take longer videos at higher resolutions and speed up the processing. Fast SD cards are like an internet connection. You can download and record more information faster with your SD card speeds.

The fastest SD card you can afford is essential if you want to capture your adventures. If the card isn’t capable of handling it, your GoPro will have high-resolution video settings.

The card’s speed is more important than its capacity. As long as you get a 32GB or larger size, it is fine. Any smaller, it will quickly fill up and stop you from having fun.

Which size SD card is best for GoPro?

All new GoPro cameras accept micro SD memory cards. GoPro Hero 8 & 9 are best paired with U3 memory cards. They have a maximum storage of 256GB. U3 vs. U1 – This determines your memory card, speed class. U1 has a minimum speed of 10MBs and U3 has 30MBs.

What is the maximum length of a 128GB SD Card in a GoPro camera?

One 128GB card can store approximately 76 videos. This is based upon a 4K resolution at 60fps, which is the standard GoPro video resolution. The average video time is 3 minutes. These are the images that each camera can fit on a 128GB memory card.

What is the maximum length of a 128GB SD Card in a GoPro camera?


It can be difficult to choose the right SD card for your GoPro. However, you can use this article for help.



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