Most Effective Methods Of Fixing Cat Scratches On Fabric Furniture

Most Effective Methods Of Fixing Cat Scratches On Fabric Furniture

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Cats make great pets. They can be cute and cuddly but also very independent, meaning you can safely leave them to their own devices. Of course, cats also think that they are in charge and they love to scratch. It’s great for their claws but not so good for your furniture.

While you probably do your best to prevent damage from happening to your fabric furniture sometimes it happens anyway. The good news is that you can fix cat scratches on fabric furniture.

Just remember, that once you’ve finished fixing the cat scratches it’s a good idea to use a professional sofa cleaning service. It will leave your couch looking and smelling like new.


If you have one neat scratch down the sofa you may be able to stitch it together. You’ll either need the pulled thread to still be attached or you’ll have to find a matching color. This can be tricky.

The aim is to thread the existing into your needle and then use a running stitch. But, instead of going straight along with the scratch, jump forward two spaces and then bring it back one, this will make the stitch nearly invisible and pull the thread into the couch while securing it.


Larger areas of damage require more complicated measures. One of the easiest approaches is to get a color swatch from the sofa retailer, you may even have one attached under your sofa. If this isn’t an option then remove a piece of the fabric from the couch where it won’t be noticed. Cut it to ensure it covers all the damage and then fix it into place.

The trick is to make sure the fabric can be slid under the damaged area. Clear all threads across the top of the home and then glue the patch into position with fabric glue. Make sure the glue goes n the edges of the tear. Then gently rub the area to ensure the glue connects and the patch adheres properly.

Once it’s dry, you can stitch the edge of the hole to the patch, if required. However, in most cases, this won’t be necessary as the cat damage will be unnoticeable.


In extreme cases, you may wish to reupholster your sofa. This is usually only worth it if your sofa is particularly expensive or has great sentimental value. In general, you’ll want to get the professionals to reupholster the sofa for you. This will ensure it has the same look and shape as it originally had.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option to restore the look of the sofa you can cover it with fabric and pin it into place. The fabric can be stitched where it won’t be seen, that’s underneath the sofa and the cushions. It may not have the same look as when you bought it but it will hide the cat scratches. It’s also a great way to color coordinate your sofa with your room.

Don’t forget, you should also work out how to stop the cat from doing it again. This can mean only letting them in the room with you or using a repellant spray on the furniture.