Can Xbox Series X Lay On Its Side? Top Full Guide 2022

Can Xbox Series X Lay On Its Side? Top Full Guide 2022

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Since its release, the Xbox series X has been praised for its design and performance. However, one question that has been asked is Can Xbox Series X lay on its side? According to Microsoft, the answer is yes. The company has released a statement saying that the console was designed to work both vertically and horizontally.

Can Xbox Series X Lay On Its Side?

Can Xbox Series X Lay On Its Side

Short answer: yes

The Xbox Series X, like its predecessors, was designed with the ability to lay it on its side. There may be some minor issues.

To allow for more airflow and cooling, the console can be set vertically with a stand attached to its bottom. The console’s stand cannot be removed (shown below), but it can be annoying if the console is positioned horizontally.

Pro Tip: Microsoft advises that proper ventilation is essential to avoid overheating. Your console should have at most 4-6 inches of clearance on all sides. Avoid placing your console in an enclosed tv cabinet. Also, make sure your console vents are not blocked.

It isn’t distracting but can cause some confusion about the console’s symmetry. The Xbox symbol is vertically oriented on the console’s front.

These aren’t huge problems, but it is clear that the Xbox was made with vertical positioning in mind. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to lay the console on its side. Be rebellious! Stick it to the man

Xbox Series X Can Lay Flat

Microsoft Xbox Series X Can Lay Flat

Gamers had many questions about the power, capabilities and games of the next-gen console when Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X. There were also concerns regarding the console’s design. It was designed to replace the traditional horizontal orientation with a more PC-like vertical layout.

Microsoft confirmed shortly after the reveal that the Xbox Series X could be laid flat in a horizontal orientation. The console was shown standing up but users can flip it on its side.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer confirmed the Xbox Series X’s dual orientation while talking to GameSpot. This was actually Spencer’s first issue with GameSpot. Spencer likely heard concerns and rumblings about standing up straight to preserve the console.

The Series X has a powerful appearance that evokes the feeling of a PC Tower. However, many console gamers are more familiar with the sleeker design when it comes to ease of use. The Xbox One and PS4 are just a few inches tall, and they both occupy a lot of their width.

Xbox Series X, Series S Size and Dimensions

Microsoft has released official dimensions for the Series X, and S. This gives you a better understanding of where each device is in real life. It’s especially useful when sizing up your future console with your gaming setup.

The Series X measures 301mm x 151mm x 151mm. Its default vertical orientation is convenient if it is placed next to your TV or atop a desk. If you want to place the console in an entertainment center, or another environment that has less overhead space, flipping it sideways will reduce its vertical height by half.

The Series S is 60% smaller than the Series X footprint and measures 275mm x 151mm x64mm. This console is closer to previous consoles. In their respective orientations, the device is smaller than its most powerful system console. This allows for better ventilation and storage space.

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Does Xbox Series X Work Horizontally and Vertically?

Does Xbox Series X Work Horizontally and Vertically?

Microsoft has made considerations for everyday use, even though the Xbox Series X is most often in an upright position. Based on the orientation of the system, it has a design that works vertically and horizontally. This does not affect functionality.

The Series X is able to be sat in two positions, unlike the original Xbox One console that was designed only for horizontal use. With its vertically oriented chassis and the Xbox-branded power switch at the top, the primary orientation can be seen throughout the marketing. The stand even has an integrated circular stand to help the device stand tall.

Microsoft has also considered horizontal use of the device, which is ideal for entertainment centers with smaller vertical headroom. The console has four rubberized feet that are hidden at the right edge. The stand cannot be removed from the device, as it is essential for airflow to continue. It sticks out on the right-hand side if laid flat.

The Series X features a completely new form factor than previous consoles. This is in support of what the company calls its “Parallel Cooling Architecture.” It regulates heat by using a single fan with high air output and a large fan. Multiple air streams are then directed through the device.

The Series X is also quieter than previous Xbox One consoles, which improves the overall acoustics. This design can be used in both directions, as long as the main fan has enough ventilation.

Both orientations are safe for the Series X disc drive. This was an inherent limitation of the original Xbox One’s slots-loading drive, but it has been corrected since Xbox One S.

Vertical Versus Horizontal: Does It Matter?

Although your console’s orientation won’t affect gameplay or performance, there are pros and cons to placing your PS5/X/S upright or sideways.

Sometimes, placing your console vertically can help its fans vent better. A more upright position allows it to fit into tighter spaces and has a smaller footprint.

However, placing a console horizontally gives it a lower center of gravity and a wider footprint. This reduces the chance of it tipping and makes it more practical if there is limited space above it.

However, it is up to you to decide which way is best. The safest choice is the one that works in your space and allows for enough room. The games will play the same no matter how it is placed. As long as there is adequate ventilation, there is no risk of it overheating.

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