How To Fix DEV Error 5573 Xbox? Top Solutions 2022

How To Fix DEV Error 5573 Xbox? Top Solutions 2022

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If you’re seeing the Dev Error 5573 on your Xbox One, it’s likely because there’s a problem with your console’s software. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. In this article, Dreamcheeky will point out the causes and how to fix Dev error 5573 Xbox. Continue reading to get more useful information.

Dev Error 5573

Dev Error 5573

Call of Duty: Warzone has an error code of “Dev Error 5573”. This causes the game to play slowly and prevents us from continuing playing. This issue can occur for many reasons, but it is most likely due to a game update. Activision already has a few hotfixes available to fix this error code. Make sure you have the most recent version of COD on your console or computer before you attempt to resolve the problem locally.

What Causes COD Warzone Dev Error 5573?

Server Problems

Most cases of Call of Duty Warzone bugs are fixed by new updates. The latest Warzone update may be the reason your PS4 or PC started experiencing a 5573 error. Dev Error is a fatal exception error that causes the game to become unplayable. In this instance, you should stop playing the game and wait for the next update.

Update GPU Drivers (PC)

Warzone crashes and becomes unplayable, unlike other games. Maintaining your GPU drivers is easy, so you don’t have to worry if your games are having problems.

Software Must Be Updated

Apart from updating your graphics card drivers, it’s a good idea to make sure that all of your games, software and Windows are up to date.

You can install any update you receive on the console by simply clicking the confirmation button.

Updates are one of the best ways to remove bugs and glitches.

Intermittent Connection

This error was reported to be a problem for some Warzone players due to a slow or intermittent internet connection. Although we are unable to confirm, it is possible for games to crash if they get disconnected from the game server repeatedly or if there isn’t enough bandwidth.

Files From Corrupted Games

Sometimes game files can become corrupted, which can cause problems. This is why error 5573 occurs. You can repair the PS4’s database and reinstall the sport.

You may also need to repair or reinstall the sports files if you are on a PC.

Coding Problem With Some DLCs or Content (PC)

Some Warzone players found that restarting shaders and using a different operator skin fixes the Error 5573. This workaround has not worked for me. If none of these solutions work, you should try this.

How To Fix Dev Error 5573 Xbox?

fix Dev Error 5573 on Xbox

Warzone ‘dev errors 5573’ solutions for PC and console :

These fixes also work on consoles, so players of all platforms can give them a try if they are having trouble with the dev error. These solutions are more straightforward because they can be applied to your console.

Players should first try switching to Warzone’s “Windowed” mode. This is how you can do it:

  • Open “Options” within the Warzone app
  • Go to the Graphics tab
  • It says that Display Mode was changed to “Windowed“.
  • Return to the game

If this fails, players can delete Black Ops Cold War elements from their chosen setup. This issue can be solved by switching to Modern Warfare operators, according to some players. This will eliminate compatibility issues that were caused by the December games merger.

Activision is worth contacting if none of these options work. Players are still experiencing the problem despite their best efforts.

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Try Other Solutions

  • Reboot your console/PC, and install the most recent updates (graphics, operating system – to ensure that you are always connected to the game servers).
  • Rebuild the database on PS4 (helps troubleshooting PS4)
  • Verify your internet connection. The game should not experience bandwidth problems. It can run fine with a 5mbps download speed but a faster speed is recommended.
  • A few gamers also suggested restarting shaders installations and changing to another operator and skin to fix error 5573. If you’re playing on a PC, navigate to the Game Setting menu and locate the Graphics tab. Then, restart the Shader installation option. Close and Restart the game.
  • Use only existing operators and don’t flash with new guns. Don’t use Black Ops Cold War loadout or operators until the problem is resolved. Instead, stick to MW operators.
  • The problem may be caused by a variety of factors and the solution may vary as well. The dev error 5573 appears when a player interacts in-game with an item, such as CW operator skins, animated calling cards or flashbangs or stuns, claymore and FFAR. This error is not something that can be caused by interacting with these items. However, it does show up for different users depending on how they interact with the item. The best way to avoid this error is to find the item that caused it and then not interact with it.
  • You may not be able to identify the item that is causing the error, or you don’t want certain items to stop being used. We were able to bypass the error by creating a new activation account. This might not be the best solution, as you’d have to restart the game from scratch, but it does allow you to continue playing the game. This fixes the problem temporarily. We believe that the error 5573 is not due to the system configuration. It is a bug at the developer’s end.

Users who are unable to access the game may have other issues than skins or in-game items. We suggest these general troubleshooting steps. If you have no luck, open a ticket with Activation to get a better solution.

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